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Killing hanging polling in Jenkins

less than 1 minute read

For one reason or another Jenkins sometimes gets stuck when polling SCM (which is, apparently, a known issue, cf [JENKINS-5413] SCM polling getting hung - Je...

pilight2mqtt update

1 minute read

Today I finally found a moment to make pilight2mqtt a bit more usable and also add some infrastructure.


1 minute read

Some days ago I blogged about my first experiments with pilight and mentioned that I intended to attach it to Home Assistant. Today I finally found the time ...

Fixing Boot Camp WiFi issues

less than 1 minute read

After installing Windows 10 on my old MacBook Air I ran into some problems with my WiFi. Specifically, WiFi drops every so often when using Boot Camp. The ne...


3 minute read

I recently read an article in the German computer magazine c’t about controlling simple plugin switches via pilight. Pilight is a small piece of software wit...

Home Assistant

7 minute read

I believe home automation, at least for me, is to a large extent driven by the joy of trying out new things and extending my system. I think this is why, des...

FHEM Installation on Raspberry PI

4 minute read

In my previous posted I briefly outlined my current attempts at a home automation setup using FHEM. In this post I will describe the basic steps necessary to...

Home Automation with FHEM

2 minute read

For a while I was fairly happily running OpenHAB to control and automate my HomeMatic devices. I had a few rules configured to trigger outdoor lighting and t...

Home Smart Home - A Few Weeks Later

1 minute read

After a few attempts to get my Z-Wave network to work reliably I finally decided to maybe try something else for the outdoor lights. The Z-Wave setup did not...